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German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht has called for more rigor in countering radical right-wingers. "We have to increase the pressure to pursue the extreme right-wingers strongly," the SPD minister told the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Saturday (July 27, 2019)."He said.

Lambrecht said police and prosecutors should make every effort to effectively prosecute hate crimes on the Internet. "We believe that online hatred is turning into brutal violence," Lambrecht said, noting that the federal government supports states through the State of Law Charter to increase manpower and digital competencies With the judicial authorities.

German authorities suspect that right-wing extremist Stefan I. killed the government official Lubke in June with a bullet to the head. The suspect is currently in custody. Prosecutors are investigating him for murder. The prosecution is likely to have an extreme right-wing background behind the crime.

In the small city of Wiestersbach in the western German state of Hessen, 26-year-old Eritre was seriously wounded by a live bullet in the abdomen by a 55-year-old German on Monday. After the murder, the German himself was killed. Investigators are likely to have racist motives behind the crime.

A demonstration is scheduled for Saturday in the city of Vistersbach, called by anti-fascist group Antiva Collective 069. The city expects the participation of 200 people in the demonstration, which carries the slogan "against right-wing terrorism"He said.


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