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Organizations representing large segments of Muslims in Germany on Tuesday (July 23, 2019) expressed anger at the repeated threats received by several mosques recently by reporting a bomb inside.

"We strongly condemn these unacceptable acts and express our solidarity with the mosques that have been threatened so far," said a statement issued by the Liberal Islamic Union in Hamburg. For his part, said the Islamic Coordination Council in Germany, "Muslims are worried and do not feel safe now"He said.

The communique, issued in Cologne, said the state should guarantee freedom of religious belief to all people, free from fear and violence. "The threat posed by these threats is being underestimated," the statement said. "Our calls for greater protection of mosques have not been responded to." The statement said that the politicians and the circles concerned with security affairs are currently silent, as he put it.

About two weeks ago, bomb threats were received in mosques in Munich and Eiserlun, as well as against the central mosque of the Dieutm Union in Cologne. In either case, the police issued a warning stop after large-scale searches.

Islamic organizations called on the state and security institutions to take threats seriously and provide a safe environment for those wishing to pray in mosques.

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