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The hypothesis of the transfer of Austrian David Alapa to Barcelona has caused many reactions in recent days. It was said that Kalba introduced himself to Barcelona and the latter may respond.

The news was heated by a report by the Spanish club's Almondo Deportivo on Monday (July 22) that Bayern Munich, in order to obtain an attacker, offered a match for either Leroy Sani, the Manchester City striker, Osman Dembli, who Barcelona wants to get rid of. According to the same newspaper, Barcelona has long been interested in the inclusion of the club.
On the other hand, before the report of "Almondo Deportivo", British media reports have revealed that the international German Leroy Sani told his coach Pep Guardiola not to go to Munich.

As soon as the Spanish report was issued, the magazine "Sport Bild" quickly underestimated this information, stressing that any previous negotiations between Bayern and Barcelona did not take place in the past. The newspaper also reported that any exchange between a club and another player is not at all offered by the management of Allianz Arena, unless it comes to defender Jerome Boateng, which is another story.
Based on sources from Bayern's management, the German team will not give up any of its stars, especially the club. "Barcelona and the other clubs can offer them the trouble to make offers, even if the club itself wants to go to Spain," he said, adding that the club's manager wanted to rate the 27-year-old on the transfer market, . But none of that will happen.
Bayern Munich's contract with Alba extends to 2012. Barcelona's coffers, after signing Frenchman Antoine Grismann, seem unable to absorb a deal of the size of the club, which is estimated at 55 million euros.


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