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On Sunday, July 20, 2018, according to an earlier New York Times report, the proxy war between the United Arab Emirates and Qatar in Somalia, particularly in the semi-autonomous Jopland region, The spread of influence over the Horn of Africa region of great strategic importance.

In the territory of Jopland, the Bosasso port, which is run by an Emirati group, is considered a "thorn in the eye of Qatar." According to a New York Times report published on Tuesday (July 23, 2019), radical Islamists, Apparently, carried out armed attacks in the city. The US newspaper was based on a telephone call to a Qatari businessman close to his country's ruling family and his country's ambassador to Mogadishu. It is the successor of Kayed al-Muhannadi, who called for the "expulsion of the people of Dubai from there" with violence. "I let them expel Emiratis so as not to renew their contracts. I will bring those contracts to Doha. "

The case appears to have caused Doha a major embarrassment, asserting that the Indian businessman does not speak for the Qatari government and does not interfere in Somalia's internal affairs.

It is also reported that the UAE port company has raised resentment of Mogadishu over the development of ports in Berbera in Somaliland, whose independence has not been recognized, and in Puntland.

While many of Somalia's federal states have sided with the UAE, the central government is seen as supportive of Qatar in the midst of the Gulf crisis.

Qatar has already commented on the report published by the New York Times and the percentage of businessman Khalifa Al-Muhannadi, saying that "the explosion in the city of Bossaso in northern Somalia is in the interest of the State of Qatar." "Al-Muhannadi is not an adviser of any kind to the government of Qatar and he has never been an adviser, and he does not represent the State of Qatar," said a statement issued by the State Liaison Office in the State of Qatar, adding that the Qatari businessman had no right to issue a suspension on behalf of the government. On what this person has done and will bear the consequences of the responsibility of his comments. "

(SPIEGEL Online / AFP)

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