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A child was killed at the Frankfurt train station. Most of the comments went to warn against the employment of such incidents by the populist right:

In this regard, the German newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau" criticized the position Alice Fiedel, head of the parliamentary bloc of the "Alternative for Germany" party of the incident, wrote:

"Why does a woman like Alice Fiedel of the Alternative for Germany Party drown her nose in the suspect's origin to get her audience flattered? The incident comes about a week after a clear attempted murder of an Eritrean young man suspected of being a German citizen in the city of Vistersbach, Hesse. Of course, this does not relieve the likes of the Frankfurt incident, but what did Alice Feidel write about the incident at Twitter? nothing! Someone who commits a criminal act, which is terrible, and this is the whole story. There are perpetrators, there are victims. So please stop categorizing them by nationality and skin color"He said.

The German newspaper Söddeutsche Zeitung dealt with the exploitation of information about the country of origin of the perpetrator by the populist right,:

"Supposedly the culprit Eritre origin. Those who mention the origin of the perpetrator do not fuel the prejudices, because after a brutal act like that in Frankfurt, public opinion has the right to know something about the identity of the arrested person, and there is no right to conceal his identity. At the same time, information on the Internet and the Alternative for Germany was quickly channeled by those who fed on hatred of the other or considered classification as a means of understanding crime"He said.

For its part, the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung," the need to restore a sense of security:

"Cut the German Interior Minister, Horst Zehover (CSU) For his permit, indicates the severity of the situation. Politics has to find answers to how to regain a sense of security. Simple calls for tolerance and against prejudices will not suffice. It would have been possible to make a lot of money if people were treated more aggressively. Citizens have to be cautious and demonstrate moral courage, because any crime that precedes it is always a prelude"He said.

The newspaper added:

"These incidents differ from one another, but they are similar in many ways. They affect the relationship between Germans and immigrants, and the perpetrators and victims are not known. This contributes

In poisoning the social environment, many train travelers, not only in Frankfurt, will wait for trains to arrive From the middle of the jetty to the maximum extent possible, while some of them will watch with concern the dark-skinned people nearby. Many migrants will also be accompanied by fear of being attacked by xenophobic"He said.

The newspaper "Algmainze Zeitung" of Mainz, believes that hatred, has spread faster than the objective evaluation of the incident.

"Sadness, silent sympathy, and even inner anger, are reactions no one can repudiate. But the opposite of sympathy is the widespread hatred of social media. Another reaction is the recruitment of racist and populist right-wingers (…), but the objective assessment of the incident, unfortunately, will not spread as much as hatred. This does not mean, however, that the background of the perpetrator, an Eritrean citizen, should not be highlighted. (…) So far, grief and anger do not justify blaming immigrants, refugees or other groups within society"He said.


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