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Germany's opposition leftist party warned of Germany's participation in any possible military mission in the Gulf. "This area is a powder keg, and the danger is very high," Katya Kiping, head of the party, said Monday (July 29, 2019).

"There must be a clear signal from the German side that we will not participate in any way in an escalation or a mission in this region," she said. According to Kiping's perspective, there is a "close" link between the oil tanker crisis in the Strait of Hormuz and the dispute over Iran's nuclear deal.

"Such a mission could also lead to continued escalation," she said, warning that Germany would eventually be threatened by becoming "part of a war whose consequences can not be predicted."

Commenting on the remarks of a foreign affairs expert in the German Green Party opposition, Omid Noribor, who called for the German army mission in the Gulf under the umbrella of a European operation, said the leader of the German left:

"It would be dangerous if the Green Party sought to work for a military solution on this issue, just to flirt with the (European) Union."

Former British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt put forward the idea of ​​a European military force to ensure freedom of navigation in the Strait of Hormuz after a British oil tanker was detained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in this strategically important strait.

The new German defense minister and the leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Merkel's party, have not opposed in principle the idea of ​​the German army joining a European protection mission in the Strait of Hormuz.


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