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German Interior Minister Horst Zehover sought symbolic power to explain the seriousness of the situation by cutting off his summer vacation because of the Frankfurt train accident, in which an 8-year-old boy was killed under the wheels of the express train after a man and his mother threw him on the train tracks. The child's mother survived, but her child died.

The incident was the second such attack in Germany in a week, and there is also no prior knowledge between the perpetrator and the victim, as in the first incident.

On Tuesday (July 30, 2019), Interior Minister Zehovar will hold an emergency meeting with a number of officials of the security services. "This is a heinous crime. We will examine the concrete consequences for the offender, in addition to the criminal sanctions awaiting him and the mechanisms for ending his stay. The debate on better security measures at the train stations in our country. "

Security at train stations

The horror of the crime spread panic in the hearts of the Germans. On Tuesday morning, July 30, 2019, the talk of securing public spaces, especially the train stations, began to dominate politicians' statements. The leader of the ruling coalition's Socialist Party, Martin Burkart, criticized the lack of "adequate level" of security on the railways and the "absence" of federal police there.

However, his colleague in the same party, Anke Ranger, who is responsible for the Federal Transport Conference and is the minister of transport in the state of Zarland, does not consider strengthening the security measures at the train station as a step that could prevent such crimes. As a result of a humanitarian gap. "

The German police union had earlier warned of the simulation of these crimes and copied them by some, considering that the deliberate dumping of people on the train lines began to spread in the Berlin area.

The offender has Eritrean nationality

And what is known about the culprit until the moment that he is forty years old and holds Eritrean nationality, according to police statements. According to information received by Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa, he is resident in Switzerland.

The culprit has yet to give any account of his crime, but a prosecutor said he would appear before the magistrate on Tuesday.

The child's mother managed to save herself when she fell on a pedestrian walkway between two railway lines while the child was killed, police said.

The culprit pushed the mother and her son into an Intercity Express train, the fastest train of the German railway company, when he was coming to the station.

The prosecution in Frankfurt is investigating the case as a felony and is currently analyzing video images.

And tyrannized Twitterers between the crime and asylum policy in Germany. Especially that the first incident a week ago in Duisburg (west), was its outlet Serbia. At the time, a 34-year-old woman died after being pushed by a 28-year-old man under the wheels of a train at a station in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Serbian is currently in pre-trial detention. After analyzing a blood sample of the offender, he was found to be taking cocaine, but the prosecutor in Duisburg considered that "does not mean he was under the influence of cocaine at the time of the accident."

WB / HZ (dpa, bd, bild)

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