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German state of Bavaria plans to take action to facilitate the identification of hate speech promoters on the Internet and social networking sites so that they can be prosecuted.

"The media and publishing houses in the future will be able to report to the press," state justice minister Georg Eisenraich, a senior member of the Christian Social Union, said Monday (July 8, 2019). To make it easier for insulting or inflammatory comments, first reporting and then removing comments. "

He announced a joint pilot project for the Ministry of Justice in Bavaria, the Munich Public Prosecution and the new Bavarian Media Information Agency (BLM). According to the local justice minister, the project will be launched next fall.

"We should not accept any fertile soil for extremist ideas in our society," Eisenraich told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa. The conservative politician said it was essential for effective prosecution of hate commentators that the authorities should identify their true identity.

The Bavarian Minister of Justice said that it is also necessary to establish new rules and expand the mechanism of storing communications data, which allows to identify the data of the Internet account and its user and location.

He stressed that what he described as "effective prosecution will be possible only if our investigators can know who is hiding behind the comments of hatred, they need sufficient powers," explaining that among these powers to punish comments of hatred or sedition in Germany until that happened From outside the country.


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