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Carolla Raket is not the first German to pay for humanitarian work by rescuing refugees from the sea and transferring them to European safety. Who is the most prominent of those who preceded him in this field and how their fate ended?

"Any one may be the next," said Carola Rakeet, the refugee "savior" of the fate of those trying to save illegal immigrants from drowning in the Mediterranean. The 31-year-old German woman was released from house arrest in Italy after she was taken to the port of Lampedusa by the C-Watch 3, carrying 40 migrants, despite the Italian government's ban on her entry. The court has not been found guilty of resisting law enforcement officers, but is still accused of helping illegal immigration in another case.

Carola Rackete Sea-Watch 3 Kapitänin (Reuters / G.)

According to UN data, more than 27,300 refugees and migrants were sent to Italy, Cyprus, Malta, Spain and Greece via the Mediterranean during the first half of 2019, and an estimated 584 migrants have drowned during the attempted crossing since the beginning of this year.

Another heroine is almost unknown

Another German story, Pia Climb, did not receive the same share of media coverage as Carola Rakeet, because his arrest was made after Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salfini tightened his policy against illegal immigration, called "closed ports." The ship became the first target of a government decree issued by Salvini. The decree imposes fines of between 10,000 and 50,000 euros on ships that do not comply with orders to stay away from Italian territorial waters. After her appointment, Interior Minister Matteo Salfini came to describe what Rakita had done as a "criminal act and a military act" by a "pirate ship" in reference to the C-Watch 3.

Deutschland Pia Klemp (picture-alliance / Geisler-Fotopress / C. Hardt)

Italian authorities accuse Biya Climb of collaborating with refugee smugglers and encouraging illegal immigration

Bia Klimp may be sentenced to up to 20 years' imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros for every immigrant who rescued him from drowning, according to a press statement in May. The 35-year-old was the captain of the Luventa ship, which cut off Mediterranean waters in 2016 and 2017. In the summer of 2018, Klimp was charged with collaborating with refugee smugglers and encouraging illegal immigration, after saving at least 1,000 migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean. The case is expected to last from three to four years and cost half a million euros, according to Pele Klemp.

Biel Klimp blamed the EU for changing the discourse against immigrants in Italy and elsewhere. In an article in the Newsweek magazine in June 2019, she wrote the criminalization of solidarity with immigrants: "Media and political campaigns against us have succeeded in getting almost all NGOs out of the Mediterranean, leaving migrants alone at sea and with a poor chance of survival." He concluded by saying that the transformation of the Mediterranean into a mass grave of refugees is a European political "project".

Fine and clear

Another German captain of Mission Life was forced to pay a fine of 10,000 euros after he faced charges that the ship, which entered the Maltese coast carrying 230 migrants and raised the Dutch flag, was not properly registered. The German captain Klaus Peter Rush had saved the migrants from sinking off the Libyan coast.

Der ehemalige Kapitän des Flüchtlingsschiffes Cap Anamur sowie Flüchtlingsbeauftragter des Landes Schleswig-Holstein, Stefan Schmidt (picture-alliance / dpa / S.Sauer)

German captain Stefan Schmidt of Cape Anemore

In an incident dating back to 2004, the German captain of Cap-Anime, Stephan Schmidt, was charged with helping illegal immigration after he landed on a ship carrying 37 Africans in Italian Sicily. However, he was acquitted of charges five years later.

Sertan Sanderson / Khaled Salama

Source: Immigrant News

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