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German police announced the evacuation of a mosque belonging to the Islamic Union of Turkey for religious affairs in Germany, "Dtim" in the city of Duisburg in the west of the country after the threat of a bomb. Police said on Monday (22 July 2019) that the mosque had been cordoned off and searched.

A police spokesman said a threat had been received by e-mail this morning, explaining that there was a presumption of an extreme right-wing background behind it, and pointed out that no other data could be announced until after coordination with the State Security Service.

The search for the bomb had stopped this afternoon and "no suspicious or explosive material was found," the Catholic News Agency (KNA) quoted police from the city of Duisburg as saying.

It should be noted that the mosque "center" in the city of Duisburg is one of the largest mosques in Germany.

Almost two weeks ago, bomb threats were received at mosques in the cities of Munich and Izarlun, as well as against the central mosque of the Dieutm Union in Cologne. In either case, the police issued a warning stop after large-scale searches.


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