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The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry called on the federal government to take the necessary measures to attract skilled workers from abroad. "It is important now for local companies to have quick procedures in recruiting skilled workers from countries outside the EU," Chamber President Eric Schweitzer told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa on Saturday (27 July 2019). Already by 2020"He said.

Schweitzer said that this requires the federal government to increase the number of staff working in German embassies and consulates abroad clearly, "The aim should be to reduce waiting times for a date (at embassies) and to issue a visa for a few weeks, which takes about a year at the moment"He said.

Schweitzer stressed that the German economy is betting on New immigration law To attract skilled workers, which is due to enter into force by 2020, adding that the shortage of skilled labor remains a major challenge for German companies, where official statistics indicate that there are 1.5 million vacancies in various productive institutions in the country can not be covered by the market Internal employment.

He said the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a wide network of relations abroad through the branches of chambers of industry and trade abroad and can thus support the federal government in its efforts to win a skilled workforce and bring it to Germany.


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