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Germany and other European Union countries have condemned the destruction of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem by the Israeli army. "We remain deeply concerned about the continued demolition of Palestinian buildings by the Israeli authorities," a joint statement by France, Spain and Britain said Tuesday (July 23, 2019).

On Monday, a large Israeli army force began demolishing houses in Wadi al-Homs in the town of Sur Baher, southeast of Jerusalem. Israel has been demolishing for security reasons, claiming that the buildings are built near the fence it has built around the West Bank.

The Israeli Minister of Internal Security Gilad Arad said that the demolition of houses was based on a decision by the Supreme Court in Israel, explaining that the houses were built illegally and posed a security threat.

"The demolition of buildings in the occupied territories violates – except in rare exceptional cases – international humanitarian law" as well as United Nations Security Council resolutions. The four countries also stressed in their statement that some buildings were located in areas under Palestinian control under the Oslo peace accords. "Demolitions are a dangerous precedent that directly jeopardizes the two-state solution," the statement added.

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