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A child died at the bottom of the train after being driven by a man in front of a train at Frankfurt's main train station on Monday (29 July 2019). Police said the suspect, who is of Eritrean origin, was arrested, according to the German magazine Focus.

According to the police, the man also pushed the mother of the child to the railroad tracks, but the 40-year-old mother managed to save herself. Police are conducting investigations into murder. Police reported that one of the ACA trains ran over the child on sidewalk 7 during his move, which led to the death of the child from his injuries.

As the police continue their investigations into the motives and circumstances of the crime, a spokeswoman said there was no link between the suspect and the victim or his mother and that he tried to push other people but he was not able to.

The suspect fled immediately after the crime, but the police managed to arrest him outside the station with the help of eyewitnesses. A police spokeswoman said that large police forces arrived at the station after the crime, and the Civil Defense Forces rushed a large number of personnel to the station. The station closed several sidewalks for several hours.

A spokeswoman for Germany's Deutsche Bahn (Deutsche Bahn) said it had canceled flights and delays. It was not clear when the train would return to normal at the station.

The incident comes a few days after a 34-year-old German woman was killed as she died under the wheels of a moving train after a man pushed her to the bars during her stop at the train station in Forde, North Rhine-Westphalia, on July 20.

The 28-year-old suspect was arrested by the police and currently in custody. Witnesses told the police that the man approached the woman from behind without talking to her and pushing her to the bars. According to police investigations, there is no link between the suspect and the victim. Police suspect that the man killed the woman treacherously for "the desire to kill." The suspect has yet to give any account of the charges against him.

A few days after the incident, the town's police officer, Fuerde, thanked an Iraqi man for his "heroic" behavior while he was on a train platform in the town station at the moment of the crime. The site "Focus" that the Iraqi witness the crime of pushing the German lady and jumped directly to the suspect and held until the arrival of police to the location and arrest.

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