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German police evacuated two mosques in the southern German city of Munich after receiving bomb threats. Police said two "e-mail messages carried the same threat" at noon on Thursday (July 11, 2019) to the two mosques in the city's Bahei Bassing and Freeman.

Police said there was a high degree of risk at the sites, but gave no further details. However, a police spokeswoman said that, after the end of the inspection of the mosques, nothing had been found.

The website of the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet in German also referred to the evacuation of Twitter.

In recent months there have been frequent bomb threats in public buildings that have proved to be unrealistic. Mosques were also heavily affected by these threats. After receiving an electronic threat message, the German authorities closed two days ago the Central Mosque of the Turkish Islamic Affairs Union (DTP) in the German city of Cologne and the surrounding area on a large scale. "The content of the message was very much a threat, so we have to act directly," a police spokesman said.

"We are concerned and fear, we are seeing a concentration of attacks on mosques … the threat of a bomb is moving us to a new kind of risk," said Diktiv spokesman Zakaria Altug.

The spokesman pointed out that attacks on mosques before that, where a flag was burned in an attack on a mosque belonging to the Turkish Union in Karlsruhe. On July 4, a mosque in Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany, was also attacked.


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