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The German Interior Ministry confirmed Monday (July 8, 2019) that it has not yet lost hope of a comprehensive EU-wide distribution mechanism. This was in response to remarks made by German State Department Secretary of State Michael Roth that a European solution was "unrealistic".

"We continue to urge intensively that there be a fixed distribution mechanism so that ships (carrying refugees on board) can go immediately to the nearest safe harbor," a spokesman for the German Interior Ministry said. It is noteworthy that there is a state of tension and attraction at the European level because of the migrants who are rescued.

"I gave up the hope that we could agree as an EU on an appropriate distribution mechanism," said Rot, a Socialist politician and responsible for European affairs at the German Foreign Ministry. "We have been working for months to have an alliance Of the countries that intend to receive refugees. "

However, he pointed out that the focal point is the existence of a safe harbor, saying that since this is not possible in Germany, "other countries such as Italy, Malta or others will be the subject of request," explaining that it is possible to offer these countries to distribute the refugees Very quickly.

Italy and Malta have repeatedly blocked rescue vessels from their ports. Malta did not agree to receive the German rescue ship "Alan Kurd" only after other European countries pledged to receive immigrants who were on board. However, this is limited to individual agreements, and there is no permanent mechanism to date.

According to the so-called Dublin Rules, the first country to which an EU refugee arrives is responsible for its asylum procedures. For years, the European Union has not been able to agree on a binding quota on the distribution of refugees to all its member states because of opposition from Eastern European countries.


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