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German police announced that the State Security Service in the state of Zarland (State Internal Intelligence) is currently investigating the background of a tweet on the social networking site "Twitter" attributed to the branch of the "Alternative for Germany" Right-wing populace in the city of Zankt Vandel in the western German state.

A spokesman for the police said on Monday (July 15, 2019) that the tweet spoke of what she described as "foreign sex offenders" who should "be privatized and thrown into the sea." The police spokesman said that the state security is currently investigating the quality of the crimes on which the investigation is conducted.

The local newspaper "Zarbrucker Zeitung" and the radio "Zarland SR "They said earlier the police were investigating the incident.

But Edgar Hooper, head of the right-wing Alternative for Germany party in the German city of Zankt Vendel, played down the joke, saying that the author was no longer a member of the BADIL party, preferring any claim to expel him from the party.

The populist right-wing politician did not stop himself, but distanced himself from the twinkle and content, calling it "inhuman". He also pointed out that he only learned about it on Saturday.


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