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After the death of a pregnant woman in a refugee hostel in Berlin, a criminal case was filed against two security service personnel for failing to provide the necessary assistance to the mother. The lawyer specializing in medical law Tupiaz Kvit on Tuesday (July 23, 2019) told the Protestant news agency that the charge against them may reach the death due to negligence. Kivit represents the Armenian family before the courts in this case.

The family lived in a refugee hostel belonging to AWO. According to the lawyer, the 21-year-old Armenian woman was pregnant in the ninth month, and the woman suffered severe pain and bleeding on the night of 23 June. Her husband asked the guards to call the ambulance, but they rejected the request and instead gave the couple Go to the hospital after having a description of the route.

As soon as the couple arrived at the clinic after a long walk, the mother gave birth to a dead child. The lawyer explained that his clients have been severely shocked and depressed since the loss of the fetus

For his part, Manfred Nowak, president of the AWO association responsible for the refugee hostel where the Armenian family has lived, expressed regret for the "very tragic" incident.

Novak sees no rules to deal with these sensitive situations in refugee homes. The Refugee Guidance Board in Berlin, after learning about this situation, requested clear guidelines in the homes of the refugees so as not to repeat this and ensure a better life for the resident refugees.

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