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After a heated debate over plans to ban pork and its derivatives at two childcare centers in the eastern German city of Leipzig, the idea has now been reversed. According to the German newspaper Bild, which carried out a "media campaign" on the idea, the director of Rawdatin sent a letter to the parents of the children. "We realized that our decision in Rawdatin to abandon pork has raised public opinion very much. "This issue will be put on the agenda at the first Parents' Council in the new school year in kindergarten in August," the man said Tuesday (July 23).

The director of Rawdatin had stated that the reason for plans to give up pork is to maintain the "integrity of the soul of sin" for two Muslim children among the children of Rawdatin. This justification has made some people cynical, especially since one of the kindergartens, "Confucius," is a famous Chinese philosopher and Leipzig is "mostly a secular city," a commentator on Twitter said.

Alternative Party takes the opportunity?

The former officer, Georg Bazdarski, head of the parliamentary bloc of the party of the "Alternative for Germany" party of the Berlin state parliament, denounced the plans and said on Twitter: Two kindergartens in Leipzig abolish pork for two Muslim children out of 300 children. German subordination has become more exotic. "

"People who do not want or can not adapt to our culture can live according to their customs and standards, but not us" (in Germany).

After news of the plans to give up the pork and candy, which includes pork-derived gelatin, was released on Tuesday afternoon, a police car was parked in front of the two nearby kindergartens. Many believed that this was motivated by the protection of the two girls and those inside them from being attacked. Which called on the police in the state of Saxony to exile him on Twitter, recalling that "it was only communicating with the Department of Rawdatin."

"Now the brave parents who are responsible are required: do not face left-wing terrorism and prevent Islamization," said Martin Reichert, a Bundestag member of the Bundestag. The alternative for Germany is moving. "

He received accounts for which the identity of the owners could not be verified. Some of them accused him of being a "pathetic instigator", such as an account called Marcos Stefani. Another account, Siku M, commented on Raichart's words: "This primitive incitement is finally stopped, it is the parents who decide, not the Muslims, and the absence of pork in kindergartens was already in place 20 years ago, in accordance with the parents' decision. Chicken laugh! Very disgusting ". "The criticism is not incitement."

"Vegetarian eating is better than cheap meat"

While social networking users have asked why there is no possibility of eating pork and who wants to eat pork, He can not understand the "fuss" about abandoning pork in day-care centers.

"Because of the average price of 2 to 4 euros per meal (per child per day) according to each state, only cheap meat can be served," Hoppe told the Evangelical News Agency in Berlin. "It is better for children because of this price to eat vegetables from organic farming instead of cheap meat."

"For years, there has been a sense of a tendency towards vegetarian food in kindergartens," he says. "Parents want to make sure their children are getting healthy food."

"If kindergartens, schools and other facilities prefer to offer vegetarian food instead of meat, that's OK for me," said Sawsan Shibli, a German political activist with the Social Democratic Party and a descendant of Palestinian origin who also interacted with the issue. I am just against saying that it did: respect for Muslims. "

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