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The newspaper "Bild" quoted a spokeswoman for the authorities of the state of Bremen, German, did not call, that Ibrahim Miri was deported on Wednesday (11 July) to Lebanon.

The spokeswoman said that the dawn of Wednesday raid the house of Ibrahim Miri, who was then taken by helicopter to Schönefeld Airport in the capital Berlin, and was taken to a plane heading to Beirut airport.

Ibrahim Miri is one of the leaders of the Arab criminal networks active in Germany. His clan, Miri, is believed to consist of 2,500 members, 1,200 of whom are under security surveillance, headed by the newly deported.

"There was a deportation decision issued against the person in question and he has already been deported," the spokeswoman told Bild. German agencies bet that, through the deportation of Ibrahim Miri, they have sent clear signals to other criminal networks in different German states showing their persistence in fighting such criminal structures.

The deportation came as a result of the joint efforts of the authorities of the states of Bremen and Berlin, German authorities say. The main factor behind the deportation was the official visit of the Minister of the Interior, Andreas Gaisel, to Lebanon, where he was able to obtain Beirut's approval to grant Lebanese or similar passports to those who had been ordered to deport them from Germany.

The majority of these people came from Lebanon in the 1990s and do not necessarily have Lebanese citizenship and were registered in Germany without identification papers from the country of origin.

For years, the German authorities were trying to deport Ibrahim Miri, who was registered as "stateless".

WB / ASG (DB, Bild)

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