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Since last Sunday, the entrance to the open-air swimming pool (Rheinbad Düsseldorf) is not allowed without showing the identity card at the entrance. This new procedure was taken after three disturbing incidents within the swimming pool during the past four weeks, the last of which was last Friday. About 60 youths, all of whom are of North African origin, according to the police, have monopolized facilities inside the open swimming pool and blocked other visitors from reaching it. When the pool staff tried to intervene, they were threatened by these young people. The group leader threatened one of the female employees of the swimming pool to "hit her with the wall."

The six security guards, who were responsible for maintaining public order in the pool since the past incidents, have been unable to calm the situation at the pool this time. After 18 police units moved, the swimming pool, which had about 1,500 people, was evacuated completely. After the incident on Friday, a special emergency meeting was held to discuss the crisis on Saturday, after which the identity card or identity card of those entering the swimming pool was taken and the number of security personnel increased. Can these actions solve the negative phenomenon?

From an open swimming pool to a "fortress immune"

From the purpose of the Rainbow Pool on Sunday morning, he was asked about his identities when entering. So far, the situation seems normal, but Andreas Powell Steeber, a member of the Düsseldorf city council, who visited Reinbad, criticized the lack of security forces on the spot on Sunday morning. "Just because today is not sunny and the temperature has not reached 32 degrees, I find almost neglect on the side Security ".

But the scene suddenly changed at 12:30 pm. In the beginning, eight people joined the SS, and after half an hour they were joined by public order staff, as well as eight other people accompanied by a guard dog.

The open swimming pool turned into an impregnable fortress. In fact, the main entrance to the pool looks like a high-security zone or a border area of ​​a state rather than a place of rest and relaxation.

Who is taking care of the visitors' comfort?

A young woman, on her way to the main entrance to the swimming pool, addressed the security units that surrounded the pool: "What's going on here?" "No need to worry, we are here for safety," one security officer answers. The atmosphere inside the swimming pool itself is very quiet, if this quiet does not interrupt the sound of a plane coming from nearby Dusseldorf Airport. Pool facilities, including the swimming pool and the sliding place, were full two days ago, free of visitors. Except some of them. There is no incentive for rioters or other problems. Does this indicate the success of the security plan?

Deutschland Rheinbad Düsseldorf | Stadtrat Andreas-Paul Stieber (- / M. Müller)

Andreas Paul Steeber, Member of the City Council of Dusseldorf

not necessarily. Maybe "success" refer to bad weather. To the sky overcast, the temperatures drop to about 20 degrees Celsius. The atmosphere is different from the atmosphere in recent days, with bright sunshine and temperatures reaching about 40 degrees Celsius. One may feel that the number of security forces and staff within the swimming pool exceeds the number of visitors. The success of the security plan can not be confirmed by the return of a similar heat wave.

Where does this spin come from?

On one Saturday in June, the Reibad Dusseldorf spa was evacuated after a teenage misconduct towards other visitors. When a head of household tried to blame teenagers for their behavior. The result was that he suddenly faced about 400 young men who had threatened him and his family. With the intervention of a number of police forces, the family was taken out of the open pool and then completely evacuated. Officials at the pool were also attacked verbally and thrown at different things. The next day the pool was completely vacated again by a similar incident.

Other swimming pools have seen increased attacks on its visitors and staff. "Such incidents were found in the pools, but they have risen dramatically since 2015. In my view, I think it's about people from North Africa," says Peter Hartsheim, president of the German Swimming Federation, in an interview with -. The Maghreb and the Arab world, who trample our values. " "The supervision workers are particularly insulted, and the perpetrators do not receive the necessary punishment, so they continue their actions."

Deutschland Rheinbad Düsseldorf NEU (- / M. Müller)

A group of members maintain public order in front of the Rheinbad Düsseldorf pool

According to media reports, the culprits involved in the events at Rheinbad at the end of June were of North African and Arab origin.

"He said," Unfortunately, young people know when they can provoke the riots here, and they are encouraged by the fact that they are not arrested. That's why they're posting what they've done on my site in the evening, "Steeber said. Facebook or Entgram and show off their courage. "

Solve the problem?

Andreas Powell Steeber believes that security forces are in place and intensive surveillance through cameras is very important. In addition, buffer strips can be used around open pools, as used in club pools during holidays, and so anyone can be noticed, trying to climb the pool fence and then bypass the identity control at the entrance.

Hartesheim believes that the perpetrators of these acts should be punished and that their impunity should not be tolerated in the context of wrong tolerance with other cultures. He says that only security intervention will help in such cases.

Marco Mueller / EM

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