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German police have discovered that CS Paderborn and Werder Bremen, two of the Bundesliga's first division teams this season, have earlier appointed two men as security guards who may have been in contact with Islamist groups willing to commit acts of violence in the country. The clubs informed the police about the cases several weeks ago and the two clubs confirmed the news on Friday (19 July 2019) to the German news agency (Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa). The State Security Service (SSI) has also been notified, according to the public television station of West Germany (VDR).

Two brothers from Chechnya worked for a security company in Paderborn. Werder Bremen say they have also worked for Werder Bremen through a subsidiary representing the first company in Paderborn.

One of the brothers, known as Islam M. Drew attention to the authorities in 2015, in sympathy with the perpetrators of the terrorist attack on the Paris-based newspaper Charlie Ebdo, which killed 13 people, where he was sentenced at the time to house arrest minors.

The head of communications at Werder Bremen, Michael Rudolph, confirmed that the two men had "exhausted all possible forms of investigation." The club was told by the police responsible for the Bundesliga. "Both of us are no longer working, as far as we know, in club security," said Rudolph.

"We learned this a few weeks ago and we studied it very quickly. We shared information with the police and the security company, and we found out that both people have not been in service for a long time. Other investigations are a matter for the police," said Paderborn spokesman Matthias Hack.

Michael Mertens, deputy head of the German police union, said: "This information indicates a security vulnerability that should not exist primarily." The union official added that the sports clubs And the Bundesliga leadership must react seriously because it is in the interest of the Bundesliga, "he told VDR.


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