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The German government expressed deep concern over Iran's announcement to raise its uranium enrichment rate. A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry said on Sunday (July 7, 2019): "Germany is very concerned about Iran's announcement that it has begun enriching uranium beyond the maximum stipulated in the nuclear agreement (2015)."

"We are constantly appealing to Iran not to take any further measures to further undermine the nuclear agreement … We strongly urge Iran to stop all steps that are contrary to its obligations under the Working Group," the spokesman said. Common and comprehensive retreat from these steps. "

The German official suggested that it also included exceeding the ceiling set out in the comprehensive joint work plan on low-enriched uranium stockpiles.

The spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry confirmed that his country is in close contact with the other participants in the comprehensive joint work plan on "our subsequent steps" within the framework of the comprehensive joint work plan, including the possibility of holding a meeting of the Joint Committee.

It is noteworthy that Iran announced earlier on Sunday a new cut in its commitments to the nuclear agreement, and threatened more if the Europeans did not move to maintain the rights provided for in the agreement.

According to Iranian media, the government spokesman announced at a joint press conference with senior Iranian officials, Iran's application of the second step in reducing its commitments under the nuclear agreement. "We will officially start today, exceeding the 3.67 percent level of uranium enrichment," he said"He said.


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