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The heads of the security services in Germany are on the alert because of concerns about increased violence by the far right, the Spiegel Online newspaper reported on Friday (July 26, 2019). Adding that this is evident in a confidential report on a special session of the Bundestag (Bundesliga) internal committee on the killing of the German Christian Democratic Union politician Walter Lubke in Kassel, Hesse, in early June.

The head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Hildenfang, spoke of "a new momentum in the field of right-wing extremism," noted by the intelligence service. "There is a great deal of sympathy, and the situation in the Web is being heated by hate- . "We need more staff," said Hildenfang, according to SPIEGEL Online.

"We must take into account the most serious acts of violence committed by individuals or small groups, as well as the formation of terrorist groups within the right-wing spectrum," said Holger Munch, head of the federal criminal police office. Adding that the danger has not only grown in Germany, but also in Europe. Munch said there was "an urgent need" to act.

On Monday, a 55-year-old man in the town of Westerbach, about 60 kilometers northeast of Frankfurt, shot and killed a man from Eritrea, SPIEGEL, a clear right-wing message. In his farewell letter, the man wrote, "If I had to leave, I would take someone to die with me, so I would serve the taxpayers."


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