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A young man wearing the Jewish cape Kibah was attacked in front of the main train station in Potsdam, east Germany, and was "insulted," police said.

A spokesman for the Brandenburg police headquarters, where the city of Potsdam is located on Sunday (July 28, 2019), said federal police arrested Syrians for questioning.

The 25-year-old man was attacked on Saturday, the spokesman said, adding that both Syrians were being investigated to verify whether there were anti-Semitic motives.

The suspect was 19 years old and was reported on charges of "incitement," the Catholic News Agency (KNA) quoted police as saying.

Preliminary information indicated that the other Syrian, who was accompanying him, 17, did not participate in the attack but was kept by the police as a witness to the incident, police said.

The incident sparked widespread criticism in Germany. "Political and religious hatred and violence will not be tolerated," Potsdam Mayor Mike Schubert said. "Potsdam is a city of tolerance and I have learned from history."

The man, who was attacked, told the German Press Agency (Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa) that he was wearing kibah daily from a family tradition.

"When I got out of the train at the station, I noticed a back shadow," he said, pointing out that he had been spit at the next moment and insulted him in an anti-Semitic way and threatened him with gestures, adding that he called the police afterwards. The two men were arrested shortly afterwards.


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