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German Defense Minister Ingrid Kramp-Karnbauer confirmed that the German army's mission in Syria and Iraq to fight the state is still "absolutely necessary." During a visit to the German military command, the leader of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Democratic Christian Party said Thursday (July 25, 2019) that the planned decision of the parliament in the fall should be based on the extension of the mission, Terrorist in Syria and Iraq.

The German army is involved with Tornado reconnaissance planes and a fuel tanker in the international coalition against Da'ash in both countries, and German military trainers are stationed in Iraq. The parliamentary mandate granted to the army expires on October 31, and parliament must decide whether to extend the mission.

Rolf Motsnich, the interim chairman of the Social Democratic Bloc, was announced before parliament on Wednesday to reject the extension of the mission. Foreign Minister Haikou Mas, also from the Socialist Party, said during his visit to Iraq in June: "In any event, "The mandate at this time is absolutely necessary to prevent a thief from building an underground structure and thus has the ability to keep moving."

Kramp-Cranbauer stressed that she agreed with Mas in his assessment and said that the debate in parliament on the extension "will not be an easy discussion." Kramp-Karnbauer plans to make its first visit abroad in Iraq and Jordan in August, with a total of about 440 soldiers stationed in these two countries.

The international coalition is composed of nearly 60 countries and the coalition estimates that there are still several thousand al-Qaeda fighters in the region and that they can continue their terrorist activities from their secret activity.

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