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The Saudi-led military alliance in Yemen killed or injured 729 children in 2018, accounting for nearly half the total number of child victims, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterich said in a UN Security Council report on Friday night (July 27). Yemeni government forces are responsible for the deaths of 58 children. The United Nations report said the Huthis had killed and wounded 398 children.

Guterich said in a report released by Virginia Gamba, the United Nations envoy for children and armed conflict, issued in the name of Guterich "This growing number of child victims, often the result of attacks in densely populated areas and against civilian targets, including schools and hospitals"He said.

Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United Nations, Abdullah al-Maalami, said the report recognized the steps taken by the coalition to protect children, noting that "the lives of all children are expensive." But he also questioned the sources of the report and its accuracy and described the numbers as "exaggerated"He said.

Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Guterich said in the report that the number of Palestinian children killed or wounded last year by Israeli forces was mainly the highest Since 2014 although no party has been included in the black list in the Appendix The annual report on children in armed conflict, which Reuters said it had seen.

Last year, 59 Palestinian children were killed, 56 of them by Israeli forces and 2,756 injured, while six Israeli children were injured. The report found that 2,674 children were injured by Israeli forces "in the context of demonstrations, clashes, searches and arrests"He said.

"Israel must immediately implement preventive and protective measures to stop the excessive use of force" and "all Palestinian parties to refrain from encouraging the participation of children in violence," Guterich urged. Israel's UN mission did not respond to a request for comment on the latest report.

"The number of child victims in Afghanistan remains the highest in the current report (3062) and children constitute 28 percent of all civilian casualties.

In the Syrian conflict air strikes, explosive barrels and cluster bombs killed 1854 children"He said.

The annual report on children and armed conflict is produced at the request of the UN Security Council.

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