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An Australian child found a letter inside a bottle asking a friend for correspondence on a remote beach in South Australia, about 50 years after dumping it in the Indian Ocean.

The boy, Jiah Elliott, found the bottle among sand dunes on Talia Beach in the South Island of Eyre while his father Paul was hunting. The father broke the bottle and found the message inside.

The author of the letter, Paul Gilmore, dates back to 17 November 1969 and reveals that Gilmore was then 13 years old, from England and was on the way to Melbourne and wrote the letter apparently on board the Vistar during her trip to Australia . Gilmore asked for a response from anyone who found the letter.

The father responded to the letter after the Australian Broadcasting Corporation helped track down the owner and found that he had returned to the UK.

The radio reported that the communication between the two men at that time was through more sophisticated means.

ABU DHABI (Reuters)

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