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Today, the European continent is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave. The temperature exceeded 40 degrees Celsius in more than one European country, which negatively affected public health, train traffic, summer holidays and others..

Faced with this high temperature rise, so many people find it very difficult to get a lot of sleep. However, a German health insurance company suggested an unusual idea of ​​sleeping at night, which drew attention to social networking sites, according to German magazine Der Spiegel.

As for this idea, it is that the health insurance company "Parmer" ( (BARMER, Advised men and women to practice "masturbation" for sleep. "Masturbation helps sleep," the company wrote on its own Facebook account. "If you can not sleep, you can resort to masturbation … which helps you sleep easily."He said.

The website of the newspaper "Die Welt" German Daniel Ferdinrich, spokesman of the health insurance company "Parmer" Saying "there are topics that are not talked about, even though it touches most people." He added: "We wanted only through what we posted on our account in" Facebook ", a brief reference to one of these topics"He said.

It is not known why the company was advised to practice "masturbation" and not sex instead.

In a short time, the Facebook insurance company posted more than 3,000 comments and about 2,700 entries, with social networking pioneers interacting with the publication.

Ironically, the account of a woman named Frauke Eke commented on the insurance company's Facebook prospectus: "Yes, I am in the right insurance company!" Another account of a man named Martin Angelov said, "Thank you, now I can sleep like a baby"He said.

In contrast, some social networking site leaders did not hesitate to criticize the health insurance company. The account of a person named Mikhail Kommer, said that the company's publication of the normal practice of sleep, did not respect the privacy of people.

The account of a woman called Angelica Stark added that it is better to focus the health insurance company Their efforts are more on taking care of sick people, as well as those who can not sleep at night of pain.

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