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In one of his short stories, the German writer Heinrich Böll describes the Germans' fondness for numbers and calculations, so that the hero of his story has to count pedestrians on a bridge from the city's bridges. They try to find out what they are spending on coffee and on fireworks at head-to-head ceremonies every year. Their appetite for numbers seems to be no less than their passion for ice cream, and although they do not hesitate to pay for the delicious refreshing ice cream on stale summer days, many may think about how much Germans spend for ice cream, Nielsen market research.

From June 2018 to May 2019, the Germans spent about 1.7 billion euros in food shops in exchange for their favorite varieties of ice cream from vanilla to salted caramel, equivalent to about 21.25 euros per Individual, as the Nielsen study revealed.

"Last summer's rise in temperature led to an increase in the consumption of ice cream by about 20 million liters of food and other convenience stores," said Sasha Koshler, an ice cream expert at Nielsen. In total, the amount of ice cream consumed by the Germans in the past 12 months reached a total of 509 million liters, an increase of 4 percent over the same period last year.

As for the favorite varieties, the study says that German consumers are more eager to experiment with new varieties. "While classic varieties such as vanilla and chocolates are still favored, other varieties such as salads, salted caramel, ginger or melon are gaining popularity among consumers," Kouchner said. According to the study, the Germans always prefer to buy large containers that are usually appropriate in terms of price.


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