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A man admitted to killing a cat of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardran in 2017. The man said in an interview with local media that the incident occurred when he was driving backwards to get out of his driveway. Arden's home in Auckland, just a few weeks after he assumed the highest political position in the country.

The cat, Badels, died in late 2017 and was named by Jacinda Ardran in her blog post on Facebook. The New Zealand Prime Minister posted the picture of the cat with a comment saying, "Everyone has lost a beautiful animal and will know the sadness we feel." Cat Badels was very popular.

Chris said he tried to find the owner of the cat, "Badles" after he ran over his car, but he was afraid because one of the neighbors told him that she is the prime minister's cat. The same spokesman said that after about a month he received a message on his phone and said, "It was Jacinda, she basically called me to say, 'I'm sorry because I had to pass by this, thank you for the card I sent.' It's time to make sure I'm fine after I ran over her cat! "

The deceased cat was widely known for having a Twitter account, called "FirstCatofNZ"It had more than 10,000 followers.

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