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MOSCOW – Police in Moscow arrested more than 500 people on Saturday (27 July 2019) during an opposition rally demanding free local elections, the UD-Envo civil rights blog specializing in monitoring the demonstrations said.

Three hours after the start of the demonstration, which was not allowed, which took place thousands of people starting at 11 GMT in the center of the Russian capital, was arrested 561 people, as reported by the organization.

The objectives of the demonstration

The imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalni has called for a protest near the mayor's office to pressure the authorities to allow a group of candidates, who have opposition ideas, to participate in local elections scheduled for September 8 after being excluded.

A total of 57 candidates were rejected, including a senior government opponent, Yashin. The Election Commission stated that the documents handed down by the rejected candidates were considered fraudulent, as they included errors such as missing letters or false signatures by supporters.

The authorities also said the candidates were excluded from the competition because they could not gather enough signatures to support them, a claim rejected by the opposition.

The demonstration is also aimed at increasing pressure on the political system at a time when President Vladimir Putin's support ratings have been dampened by discontent with lower real incomes for citizens in recent years.

Russland Moskau Protest Opposition Polizei (AFP / K. Kudryavtsev)

Thousands participated in the demonstration in Moscow on Saturday 27 July 2019

Reuters witnesses said some of those arrested seemed to be passing by in the wrong place at the wrong time. Earlier, Russian police detained prominent opposition members to prevent them from taking part in the demonstration and closed some of the main roads to help them control the situation.

Although the election to elect members of the Moscow parliament is not a general election, opposition activists see it as an opportunity to try to find a foothold in the Russian capital, where support for Kremlin-backed candidates has been seen in other parts of the country.

On Wednesday, authorities ordered the arrest of 30-day-old opposition activist Alexei Navalini before Saturday's protest, while authorities arrested other members of the opposition and searched their homes.

(AFP, Reuters, DPA)

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