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Tunisia on Saturday (27 July 2019) called on its president, Béji Kayed Sebsi, the country's first freely elected and democratically elected president to attend a national funeral attended by tens of thousands of Tunisians and attended by world leaders amid tight security.

Security forces deployed heavily to secure the funeral procession, organized by the National Army, amid the helicopter flying over the capital. Wouri, who died on Thursday, aged 92, died on Saturday in the al-Qaid al-Sabsi soil in the capital's symbolous cemetery, just months before his term ends in late 2019.

The official funeral procession was organized at the presidential palace under the supervision of the interim Tunisian President, Mohamed El-Nasser, in the presence of the members of the Kayed Sebsi family and senior state officials.

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The meeting was also attended by many Arab and foreign leaders, including interim Algerian President Abdelkader Ben Saleh, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Libyan President Al-Wifaq President Fayez Al-Sarraj and Prince Moulay Rashid Ben Hassan, brother of the Moroccan monarch. French President Emmanuel Macaron, King Felipe of Spain, Portuguese President Marcelo Ribello de Souza, as well as the President of Malta and the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, also took part in the funeral.

Vor Beerdigung des tunesischen Präsidenten Essebsi | Youssef Chahed, Premierminister von Tunesien empfängt Emmanuel Macron (picture-alliance / dpa / AP / H. Dridi)

President Makron and next to him Yusuf Al-Shahed, Prime Minister of Tunisia at his arrival to attend the funeral of Tunisian President Kayed Sibsi

At Carthage's palace, the body of the late president, covered with Tunisian red and white flag, was placed in a military truck, where a formal ceremony began before the procession, accompanied by teams of cavalry, began its way towards the cemetery.

In a moving speech, the interim president said: "He spent his life in the service of Tunisia, preserving its gains and defending its values. He died on the day of the Republic Day." He added that during his rule, Sibsi was a conciliator and a champion of national unity and dialogue.

The French president said in his speech that Sibsi "was supportive of the stability of the Constitution and commitment to freedom and openness and unprecedented status of women and equality between men and women."

Tens of thousands of men, women and children were crying on the roads leading to the Tunis suburb of Carthage, weeping for the departure of Sabassi, raising pictures and flags of Tunisia and chanting the national anthem. Many threw roses while others greeted the parade.

Tunesiens Präsident Beji Caid Essebsi gestorben | Trauerfeier (Reuters / A. Awad)

Thousands of Tunisians gathered in the Tunisian capital to bid farewell to the funeral of President Sabassi, who died at the age of 92.

Arab states declare mourning

The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States Saturday Tnkis flag University at the Secretariat General in Cairo for three days to mourn the death of President Sibsi. A group of Arab countries also declared mourning for three days following the death of the Tunisian president, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Mauritania.

(Reuters, DPA, AFP)

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