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The drinkers of cold water are armed with an ancient legacy of Buddhist and Hindu culture that emphasizes that the cold water hinders digestion, and it is better to start the day with lukewarm water. But scientific research has not revealed the real damage to cold water on the health of the body, as confirmed by research published by the site, "Medical News Todi" British.

All the research combines the need for water in the summer to compensate the body for loss of fluids through sweating. This is consistent, as it is noted that the person becomes a little urination in the summer because of sweating, which means that the body loses its fluids, and one has to drink more to regain normal level of wet. But drinking water in the summer seems conditioned by most people to have cold water. Thus, when the traveler takes a bottle of water with him, and the temperature of the water rises in the bottle, the traveler does not want to drink it again! This is normal, but the questions revolve around cold water, or rather ice cream, which most people prefer, despite threats from mothers and loved ones that it will expose them to colds. But all these warnings are not backed up by medical research. The Indian ScienceCBC website reported that there is no permanent damage to the cold water, except that the digestion process is hardened by stomach muscle contraction.

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Reduces internal heat of the body

The site points out that the teachings of Indian treatment of Ayurvedic confirm that eating iced water worries the balance of the body and slow the process of digestion. And explain that the body has an internal temperature of about 36-37 degrees Celsius, and that the flow of cold water in large quantities and quickly will drop internal body temperatures to lower rates, which cost the body more energy to restore the heat, and this explains the sense of relaxation after the cold water, The drinker is an ascetic, which is the fact that the temperature of the center of the body is falling.

However, in general, medical research centers agree that drinking lots of water, whether cold or warm, helps to remove toxins from the body, facilitates digestion, and prevents constipation.

The site published the facts and results of a small study conducted in 2013 on six people to investigate the effects of thirst and the impact of cold water they cultivate. It was found that drinking water with a temperature of 16 ° C, the temperature of the tap water in normal conditions, was followed by minutes of stopping sweating. (This should not be noted for tap water temperature in hot countries, where it often reaches 40 degrees percentage) . From this simple experiment, the researchers concluded that drinking water at 16 ° C is best suited to those who have made a great effort and sweated heavily and increased body temperature due to effort or irritation.

Some studies suggest that drinking cold water during exercise may improve the trainee's performance and strengthen his stamina. According to a 2012 study of 45 healthy men who took cold water while doing exercise, they contributed significantly to reducing their body temperature when compared to drinking water at the same temperature as the exercise room.

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Potential risks of drinking cold water

Some research warns people with esophageal and laryngeal problems from drinking cold water, especially those with "Acacia", a disease that causes the sufferer to swallow food and fluids. Studies have shown that those infected with the disease may be exposed to health complications in the case of cold water in the summer, especially, but those who suffered from those symptoms, they have recovered if they eat hot water, and returned can swallow easily.

Another study, conducted in 2001, included 669 women who found that drinking cold water caused some women headaches, with 7.6 participants having headaches after drinking 150 milliliters of iced water with a cane. And exacerbated in cases of migraines (migraine).

The belief that drinking cold water, eating ice cream and eating cold in the summer in particular may cause colds, flu or chest infections is a common misconception in most societies. There is no scientific evidence to support this belief.

In a study of 12 male athletes in 2014, it was found that athletes taking water mixed with ice cream known as "salash" improved their performance clearly after drinking.

Many argue that drinking too much water helps to lose weight, based on studies that drink more water helps the body to burn calories, but these studies do not make a difference between drinking cold water and drinking water at normal room temperature in moderate countries The atmosphere.

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