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There are five credit cards. Once you get one, your world will change not only because of the benefits you receive, but because some people will also change your treatment and become much better than before, according to the first business website.

This type of card can not be obtained with a regular application like other credit cards. This type is only available through the bank calling you for it.

1. American Express Centurion

Also known as the black card, the first of this kind of cards "superhero", where other cards tried to catch up with them. The conditions for obtaining this card have not been announced, but according to leaked information, the average income of their owners is about $ 940,000, and their monthly expenses are supposed to reach $ 12,700. Its annual fee is about $ 2,500. However, given the increasing number of holders of this card, which is likely to be 100 thousand people, began its advantages in the decline, especially the offer to get a free ticket for each ticket is purchased.

2- Master Card from Dubai First Royale Bank

This card, adorned with pure gold and embroidered with a small diamond, is available only to those who live in Dubai and are granted only seven people a year. The card provides the holder with a personal relations manager and a lifestyle manager, as well as after-sales service representatives. There is no higher ceiling for spending. The number of holders of this card is estimated at only hundreds.

3. Stratus Rewards Visa

You can only get this card after your name has been nominated by someone else. This white credit card offers special features for private jet travel, as well as other features aimed at people seeking a "full of privileges", according to the card's website. Its annual fee is $ 1,500 and its owners are expected to spend at least $ 200,000 a year.

Coutts / Privatbank / Zürich (picture-alliance / dpa)

The Bank of Switzerland is located in Switzerland

4. Coutts World Card

Queen Elizabeth II and British singer Elton John have this card, which is obtained from those who own at least one million dollars in the British private bank "Coates". This card – black and crimson – is available to those who have an account at Coates Bank or Royal Bank of Scotland. What distinguishes this card is that it does not charge an annual fee if the expenditure exceeds the threshold of $ 100,000 a year. It also provides the holder with the advantage of shopping in international brands even after official closing times.

5. Visa Infinite

This black card is made of carbon and graphite and is issued to the rich only and the terms of issuance vary by country. In Germany, for example, those who want to have this card must have a fortune of more than half a million euros. Its annual fee is EUR 800. There are many advantages to this card, including the promotion of hotel accommodation automatically, free parking services, free access to VIP lounges in hundreds of airports around the world, and a personal assistant available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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