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The Indonesian Supreme Court has sentenced a woman to six months in prison after being convicted of publishing obscene material after recording a telephone call to her boss at work, harassing her and filing the court as evidence of harassment of her former boss. Noril McNon, 41, who worked as a part-time librarian at a school on the conservative Indonesian island of Lombok, said she was disappointed with the Supreme Court's decision. And described the court's decision as "a clear injustice," according to the site of the "New York Times" America.

Noril lost the case over one of the country's most controversial issues. "As a woman I have to get protection, but I was the person who became the victim," she said in a telephone interview with the American journalist. "People should know that when we are harassed, there is no place to go," she said.

Indonesien Baiq Nuril Maknun Prozess (Getty Images / AFP / Pikong)

Ms. Norrell McNon

Noriel said her former manager, who runs a secondary school in Mombaram, the largest city in Lombok, was not punished for harassment but was promoted several times after the incident. Noriel recorded a call to her former manager, speaking with her in obscene language and asking her to have an affair with him.

The issue highlights the issue of harassment against women in the workplace in Indonesia. Indonesian President Goku Widodo said in the run-up to his re-election that he would consider giving Nuril a presidential amnesty if her appeal was rejected. After the Supreme Court's ruling against Noril, the president said he would not comment on the court's ruling, but Ms. Noril should apply for an amnesty from the president as soon as possible so his office could deal with the case.

A court of first instance acquitted Ms. Noril of the case, but the prosecution resumed the sentence. A jury of three judges sentenced Noril last year to six months in prison and sentenced her to a fine of up to $ 35,000, a huge sum for her and her family. If you can not pay the fine, you must spend an additional three months in prison. The Supreme Court rejected her request to reject the appeal.

The problem of Indonesian women began according to The New York Times in 2013, when the person took over the prosecution, the administration of the high school where she worked. The manager has been rumored to have an affair with Noril. Nuril, a mother of three, recorded a phone call with her manager and introduced her to her husband and one of the teachers to refute the rumors. The director filed a lawsuit against her for defamation. During the investigation Noril was arrested and imprisoned for a month. The prosecution then dismissed the libel suit but charged Noril with publishing obscene material.

Her lawyer, Goku Yumadi, said his client would apply for an amnesty next week but would not get a presidential pardon because she was not charged in a criminal case. While a campaign in the social networking sites succeeded in collecting more than 26,000 dollars for the accused to pay the fine so as not to punish with an additional three months in prison if the fine is not paid.


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