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Sudanese investigators revealed on Saturday (27 July 2019) that elements of the paramilitary "rapid support" force participated in the bloody operation to end the sit-in of protesters in front of the army headquarters in Khartoum on June 3, without receiving official orders.

The orders were issued to clear the area of ​​Colombia, which is "witnessing illegal practices" and close to the sit-in, but a general in these forces "violated the directives" and ordered the disbanding of the protesters in a process that caused dozens of deaths.

"The commander violated the directives and led the force of the al-Sala camp to the inside of the sit-in area and issued instructions to remove the force from the vehicles and to whip the protesters," Saeed told a news conference on state television.

Saeed announced the initials and ranks of eight officers charged with crimes against humanity punishable by military death or life imprisonment.

Said confirmed the death of 87 people between June 3 and 10, including 17 people in the courtyard of the sit-in on the day, as well as the injury of 168 people without specifying the time frame for it.

Opposition medics said 127 people had been killed and 400 wounded in the blast, while the Health Ministry said the death toll was 61.

But the head of the inquiry into the dismantling of the Khartoum sit-in said the commission had not found any facts of rape, although the US-based Physicians for Human Rights had quoted local medics as saying women had been ripped and raped.

Reuters was unable to independently verify reports of rapes. Activists say Sudanese women are reluctant to publicly disclose if they are raped to avoid social stigma. The ruling military junta has denied any rape.

DUBAI (Reuters)

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