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Iran is preparing to abandon part of its commitments to the international community by starting Sunday (7 July 2019) enriching uranium at a level prohibited by the 2015 agreement on its nuclear program. This comes after the expiration of a deadline of one day, set by Tehran to its allies, especially the Europeans to "abide by their commitments" under the 2015 agreement.

Tehran will continue to reduce its commitment every time it expires for sixty days, in a move that confirms Iran's keenness to leave the door of diplomacy until the move "other signatories to the agreement to protect him from US sanctions," according to the Iranian proposal.

"We hope to find a solution, otherwise we will launch within three days the third phase" of the plan to reduce pledges made by Iran under the Vienna agreement, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghji told reporters. Recalling his country's support for maintaining this agreement, Araghji said the measures taken by Iran since May to give up some of its commitments were irreversible at any time if its demands were met.
Iran's demands are mainly linked to its ability to continue to sell oil and trade by circumventing sanctions Washington has imposed on the Islamic Republic following a decision by Donald Trump in May 2018 to withdraw from the Vienna agreement. However, Araghji did not disclose the new pledges that his country might abandon as of September, saying only that it would be announced "in time".
At the same press conference, Iranian Atomic Energy Organization (IAEA) spokesman Behruz Kamalundi announced that his equipment was ready to enrich "any amount of uranium at any level of enrichment" according to the orders he would receive. Prior to that, he explained that the rate of uranium enrichment will start at a level higher than 3.67% without giving further details. While Iranian officials had spoken earlier about five percent to produce fuel for power plants.

Israel attaches importance to Iran's declaration

In the first Israeli reaction, Energy Minister Yuval acknowledged that the increase in enrichment was "minor," but accused Tehran at the same time of breaking internationally agreed restrictions on its nuclear projects and moving towards a bomb. "Iran – although a small increase at the moment – has begun to increase the level of enrichment and break the restrictions imposed on it," Steinitz, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet, told Israel's YNet television. "That means … it ignores the red lines agreed upon and it started its march … a march that is not simple towards the production of nuclear weapons."
Iranian President Hassan Rowhani has announced that Iran will raise the level of enrichment starting today, which represents the second phase of the reduction of the obligations of Iran stipulated in the nuclear agreement reached with the major powers in 2015.

"As of July 7, the level of nuclear enrichment in Iran will not be at the level of 3.67 … We will raise it to the extent we want and meet necessity and need," Rowhani said.

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