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The Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced on Thursday (July 18) the detention of a foreign oil tanker carrying "smuggled fuel" in the Strait of Hormuz. "Maritime Patrols of the 1st Revolutionary Guards in the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz on Sunday intercepted a foreign ship carrying 1 million liters of smuggled fuel in southern Lark after coordination was completed," the Revolutionary Guards' public relations service said in a statement. Necessary and issuance of decisions by the relevant judicial authorities ".

The Department noted that this comes within the framework of "control of the movement of ships in the Gulf / Persian / to address organized smuggling and combat."

This comes two days after the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced the withdrawal of an oil tanker to an Iranian port after it suffered a technical failure and requested assistance from the Iranian side.

News reports said the traffic data showed the disappearance of an Emirati tanker in Iranian waters as it passed through the Strait of Hormuz. However, the UAE denied its link to the lost tanker. "The (lost) oil tanker is not owned by the UAE and is not operated by the UAE, no Emirati crew is on board, and no distress request has been sent," a UAE source said.

The authorities in the territory of Gibraltar, the Crown, said on the fourth of this month that elements of the British Marines and local police, detained an Iranian tanker off Gibraltar, was on its way to Syria, after being suspected of violating the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Damascus. Iran has threatened to retaliate. Until now, it was not clear whether there was a link between the two incidents.

(Reuters, AFP, AFP)

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