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Iranian media reported on Monday (July 22, 2019) photographs claiming to be "CIA officers" who were in contact with a group of suspected spies who were arrested in Iran.

The media said earlier on Monday that the authorities had arrested 17 spy working for the CIA and some were sentenced to death.

"A spy network was successfully dismantled on July 18," the director of the anti-espionage department at the Iranian intelligence ministry told reporters without anonymity. "Some have been sentenced to death and others have been sentenced to long prison terms."

According to a ministry statement released on state television, the spies were arrested during the Iranian year ending in March 2019. "The captured spies were working in sensitive and vital centers in the private sector in the economic, nuclear, military, electronic space and infrastructure sectors, secret information".

The announcement comes months after an escalating confrontation with the West began when new tougher US sanctions began on May 1.

Iran announced in June that it had dismantled a large electronic spy network run by the CIA and that a number of US spies had been arrested in different countries as a result. It was unclear whether today's announcement was linked to the same issue.

(Reuters, AFP)

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