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Iran warned Europeans on Sunday (July 28, 2019) of any obstacles to their oil exports, considering that the increase of incidents in this framework undermines existing efforts to save the nuclear agreement threatened by the US withdrawal from it.

"Any obstacles to Iran's export of its oil will run counter to the joint work plan," Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said at the end of a meeting in Vienna attended by representatives of France, Britain, Germany, China, Russia and the European Union.

The Iranian diplomat explicitly pointed to the detention of an Iranian tanker in the strait of Gibraltar at the beginning of July, which led to further deterioration as tensions escalated in the Gulf.

"Developments such as the detention of the Iranian oil tanker … constitute a violation of the agreement," Araghji said before the Vienna meeting. "The member states of the agreement should not create obstacles to Iranian oil exports."

In the same context, Arajji said that the Vienna talks took place on Sunday in a "constructive" atmosphere, and pointed out that all members who are still in the nuclear agreement, "still determined" to save him. For his part, the representative of China said that the talks were characterized by "tensions" but that they took place in a "good atmosphere".

In response to US sanctions, Iran announced in May that it would begin to disavow some of its obligations under the nuclear deal and threatened to take additional measures if the parties involved in the signing of the agreement, particularly the European Union, failed to help circumvent US sanctions.

Since early July, Iran has ceased to comply with the amount of enriched uranium it is entitled to possess, and has increased uranium enrichment in its facilities to over 3.67 percent of the agreement.

Tehran, which insists its nuclear program is peaceful despite US and Israeli suspicions, wants to regain its full capacity to export its oil, which has been hit by US sanctions.


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