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Today's talk does not stop with the application of Facebook, which has spread "madly" throughout the world. Once you look at the social networking sites, several celebrities in the world of sports and art have used this application. The latest statistics show that about 150 million users have used this application.

The reason for the widespread spread of the application of "Vis August" these days, is that the latter can give a very rough picture of the form of user after age, such as the inflamed head Shiba or the spread of wrinkles in the face, which raises the curiosity of the user to know its shape In the future.

What is "Vis-Up" and how does it work?

"FacePap" is a free application that can be downloaded in mobile phones. It works with artificial intelligence, as it can give an approximate picture of the shape of the face of the user in the future, using several different features owned by the application, according to the site "NewsWeek" America.

The same source said that "Face August" spread in 2017, but the many updates that have seen this application now made him more famous, adding that one of the features of this application is to change the user's face, including, for example, change the color of hair or smile.

The site "magazine" Canadian that the application of "Vis August", developed by a Russian company called "Wireless Lab" and is based in the city of St. Petersburg, which raises concerns about the arrival of user data to the Russian government, according to the same source.

Bildkombo Patrick Große - FaceApp

The application of "Facebook" has spread dramatically in the world.

where is the problem?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Concerns about the application of Facebook have increased sharply following a tweet by technology developer and author Joshua Nozi on his own Twitter account, according to Forbes magazine. Joshua warned that the application of "Face August", can take all the pictures from the phone of its user, and carried to the cloud servers without any explicit permission from the user.

The opening of the twinkle opened the door to several questions about the possibility of violating the privacy of the user, especially after the "scandal" data penetration in the earlier millions of users of the famous social networking site "Facebook".

In the same context, the BBC website said that some people also fear that the application of "Face August" may use data collected from users, in order to train on facial recognition algorithms, and said that this process can be done even after Delete the same images because measurements of features on the person's face can be extracted and used for such purpose.

US Senator Chuck Schumer has also called on the FBI to conduct an investigation into the application of "Vis-Up". In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Ray and Chairman of the Commission Joe Simmons, Chuck said access to user images and data could pose "risks to the national security and privacy of millions of American citizens."

The company is listed

On the other hand, the owner of the application of "Face August" issued a statement to respond to all the charges against her about the fear of the possibility of violating the privacy of users. "It does not transfer any other images from the user's phone to the cloud, but only carries the image selected by the user for editing," the company said in a statement published on the technology website TechCrunch.

The company also confirmed that it deleted all images from its servers within 48 hours from the date of download, and added that it does not share or sell any user data with third parties.

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