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The province of Istanbul gave Syrians living in them, and did not have temporary protection visas issued, a month to return to the provinces where they were registered, warning that those who would not return voluntarily would be deported.

The newspaper Yeni Shafak, close to the Turkish government and the site of "CNN Turk," a statement issued by the Directorate of Information and Public Relations of the Department of the province of Istanbul, published on Monday (22 July 2019), stating that "was given until 20 August 2019 for foreigners from Syrian citizens who have temporary protection identities in provinces other than Istanbul and live in Istanbul, until they return to their provinces. "

The statement added: "Those who do not return until the end of the interim period will be deported to the provinces registered in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Interior The new registration for temporary protection in Istanbul has been closed.

The statement comes after widespread debate about the deportation of Syrians from the city of Istanbul. According to the statement, about 547,000 Syrians hold temporary identification cards.

The statement said the province of Istanbul: "continue to arrest those entering the country illegally and take them out of the country in the framework of our fight against illegal immigration."

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