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Donald Trump's misspellings have reached his daughter Ivanka, who was the quickest daughter of US President Boris Johnson after winning the British Conservative Party presidency to be formally considered as Prime Minister of Britain when he succeeded Teresa May.

Ivanka Trump congratulated Johnson on Twitter and wrote: "Congratulations to Boris Johnson on the position of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Kingston". One of the pioneers of Twitter shared Ivanka's e-mail before deleting it and wrote in an eulogy from Ivanka Trump's mistake: "Kingston is the capital of Jamaica."

Ivanka made the mistake of writing the country's name, instead of writing the United Kingdom (United Kingdom) " United Kingdom ", I wrote (United Kingston) " United Kingston"He said.

Then corrected the mistake, where the previous tweet was deleted, to rewrite again by typing the correct name, according to the site "The Independent" British.

It was not clear whether Ms. Trump, who had great political ambitions, believed that this was the correct name of the country or that it was simply the result of a misspelling, but that did not protect her from the sarcastic criticism of social networking sites,.

One of the cynics, Rakesh Sharma, chanted on Twitter: "Sorry, but where is United Kingston?"

Another chorus, Nicole Sheppard, chanted sarcastically: "On behalf of the people of Kingston, thank you Ivanka Trump"

The American president himself had committed a series of typographical and spelling errors to the point that his former English teacher had received a letter from him about a school shooting in Florida that contained a lot of mistakes, prompting the teacher to correct them and send them back to Trump. He also made several mistakes until he wrote a wrong name for Milan. Another mistake is that he wrote a letter to an unknown woman believing that she was British Prime Minister Theresa May.

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