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On the sidelines of his participation in the Jeddah Music Festival in Saudi Arabia, the American rapper "50 Cent" published several excerpts praising Saudi Arabia. One of them announced that his new name was "50 halalas". One hundred halalas equals one Saudi riyal. The American singer expressed his astonishment in Saudi Arabia, announcing that he may move to live in Jeddah because of his love of this place.

International rapper Janet Jackson, the late sister of the late Michael Jackson, performed a concert on Thursday (July 18, 2019) for the first time at the King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as part of the music festival.

Janet Jackson's "50 Cent" came after American rapper Nicky Minag withdrew from the concert following criticism from human rights activists and support for women's and gay rights in Saudi Arabia. "After careful reflection, I decided not to go ahead with my concert at the Jeddah International Festival," Minaj said in a statement. "Although I did not want more than my presentation to the public in Saudi Arabia, It is important for me to clarify my support for women's rights, the gay community and freedom of expression. "

Minag was scheduled to perform at the Jeddah International Festival on Thursday (18 July 2019). But her plan to sing in Saudi Arabia last week was criticized for social networking sites.

The Saudi Entertainment Authority said earlier it had added Janet Jackson and rapper "50 Cent" to the list of artists participating in the festival.

Saudi-Arabien Konzert Janet Jackson in Dschidda (picture-alliance / AP Photo / K. Alhaj)

A part of the audience who attended Janet Jackson's concert in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The newspaper "Vision" in twitterings on "Twitter" pictures of the American singer during her ceremony in the festival, and showed the images on the stage in black long clothes amid the interaction of the audience from the moment I came to the theater accompanied by the group of the show.

Saudi media said the concert was broadcast on television in more than 100 countries and was seen by millions around the world.

Saudi Arabia is witnessing a campaign of social changes accelerated under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which recorded the reopening of cinemas and the establishment of sports and entertainment activities huge. Riyadh says the aim of the opening is to "attract investments" as the country seeks to diversify its economy away from oil. Some believe that the authorities are trying to cover economic and unemployment difficulties among the young population. The Kingdom's leisure agency has announced plans to inject $ 64 billion into the sector over the next decade.

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