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The German prosecutor's office in the German city of Dortmund has refused to take action against a radical right-wing party, Rechte, which drew criticism from the Central Council of Jews in Germany, according to media reports. "In its issue today (Wednesday 31 July 2019).
The case concerns two electoral laws specific to the European elections, one of which bears the phrase "Stop Zionism: Israel is our plight.

Schuster said the public prosecutor was not even ready to decide the case "and in my view because of the wrong side." Although the prosecution acknowledged that the phrase "Jews are in distress" was inspired by the Nazi era, it also considers that the phrase is subject to other interpretations.
"If I am not prepared to use the margins permitted by law against right-wing extremism, this will be understood by the extreme right as a license and encouragement," Schuster said. In the future, extremist parties can use modified phrases from the Nazi era without fear of legal consequences.
According to the Newen Osnabriker Zeitung, the State Association of the Jewish Community of Westphalen Liebe is seeking to exhaust all legal tools for investigations on this issue.


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