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After Boris Johnson took office on Wednesday (24 July 2019), the new prime minister faces the big dilemma: the completion of the country's exit from the European Union by 31 October by agreement or without an agreement, the Queen.

However, this is not all; major challenges and external files await Johnson, not least European relations with Saudi Arabia, particularly in human rights and arms deals, the British oil tanker's detention by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, European policy on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

"British Trump"

The Paris-Berlin-London triangle has so far been the locomotive of EU foreign policy. "I would like to work with him as soon as possible not only on European issues and the continuation of the negotiations on BRICEST, but also on international issues that we are closely coordinating with Britain and Germany," French President Emmanuel Macaron said yesterday. She also congratulated Chancellor Merkel, Johnson: "I look forward to good cooperation, and our two countries must have a close friendship in the future as well"He said.

But many fear the British "Trump" (Johnson) and his close proximity to the US president and their mutual admiration. As soon as Johnson Trump was announced, "Congratulations to Boris Johnson for winning the premiership of the UK.

And in an opinion article on the Foundation's websiteAccording to German journalist Barbara Wiesel, Johnson is a fickle, not a diplomat or an expert on the Middle East. At any moment, he can decide to leave Berlin and Paris and go to Trump. She added that he could be blackmailed by Washington because he was urgently seeking a trade deal with them.

Weapons for Saudi Arabia in billions

On June 20, a British court ruled that Britain's license to sell arms to Saudi Arabia was illegal. The appeals court said the government should review legal procedures to authorize arms sales to Saudi Arabia. But the ruling did not order the suspension of sales.

In response to the decision, the Teresa Mae government announced that it intends to appeal. "As we do so, we will not grant any new export licenses to Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners that may be used in the conflict in Yemen, The government to suspend the current arms export licenses for that Gulf state.

British law prohibits issuing arms export licenses when there is a "clear danger" that such weapons could cause "a serious violation of international humanitarian law"He said.

British arms sales to Saudi Arabia accounted for 49 percent of their total arms exports between 2012 and 2017, with an annual value of at least $ 1.4 billion, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. According to the BBC, Britain has licensed arms sales worth 4.7 billion pounds ($ 6 billion) to Saudi Arabia since the start of the "gale storm" in March 2015.

London Mohammed bin Salman (picture-alliance / empics / V. Jones)

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia on an official visit to London in March 2018

Britain "is a state of institutions"

Unlike the Trump administration, Berlin, London and Paris have been critical of human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia and have urged Riyadh to improve its record in this regard. About a month ago, Teresa Mae said her country wanted to hold accountable those responsible for the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. She stressed that her government expects Saudi Arabia "to take the necessary measures to ensure that such violations are not repeated in international and national law."He said.

Director of communications and media and researcher at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, Muhannad al-Haj Ali, believes that Johnson's main challenge is internal, not "external," he said in an interview withThat Johnson's preoccupation with securing the exit package from the EU would reflect a weakness in foreign policy.

"If the British foreign policy toward Saudi Arabia is to be separated from Europe, it will not succeed in going far in this path," Haj Ali said. He said that the parliament would put serious obstacles to any radical changes in foreign policy..

Johnson: Saudi Arabia and Iran are moving puppets

In a famous statement dating back to the end of 2016, when he was foreign minister, Johnson accused both Saudi Arabia and Iran of playing puppets and fighting proxy wars.

Today, the former foreign minister heads the government amid a crisis with Tehran over the detention of an Iranian tanker by the authorities in Gibraltar in early July and Iran's arrest of a UK-flagged ship in the Gulf waters last week. The crisis comes amid heightened tension between Iran and the United States following Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal signed in 2015.

In an article published yesterday, the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post said that the British carrier's detention was an Iranian attempt to humiliate London, adding that Tehran was betting that the new Johnson government did not want a conflict or even an increase in tension.

Bahrain Eröffnung der Peace to Prosperity Konferenz in Manama Jared Kushner (Reuters)

The Fusion of the US President and the Godfather of the Century Deal Jared Kouchner at the Manama Workshop under the "Deal of the Century"

"Supportive "of Israel!

Yesterday, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz rushed to congratulate Boris Johnson. The congratulations were not surprising, but consistent with the course of historical relations between the Hebrew state and London, including Johnson's tenure of the State Department between 2016 and 2018.

Lebanese researcher Muhannad al-Haj Ali also confirms this point. With regard to the "deal of the century" and the Middle East peace process, Al Haj believes that London "has" no real role here. He added: "Internal obstacles have been prevented without going too far in identifying with the recent American steps, namely the two-state solution. The Palestinian cause has many friends and influential members of the House of Commons, from the leader of the opposition and even to some of the Conservative figures." From the door of "courtesy"He said.

"Johnson is a strong supporter of Israel, but London has lost some of its power in foreign policy," said a second article in the Girawislim Post. In the Metn the newspaper went on to say that "support" Johnson does not reach the level of "support" Trump. "Johnson clearly stated that with the two-state solution, unlike Trump, Johnson criticized the settlement and the Israeli response to terrorism emanating from Gaza," the Israeli newspaper said..

Khaled Salama

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