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On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, Boris Johnson decided to appoint Sajid Javed, a former banker and Minister of the Interior of the Teresa Mai Government, a family of Pakistani immigrants as finance minister, a strategic position in the context of BRICAST, especially if the exit from the Union is agreed without agreement. Which would provoke severe economic turmoil.

Britti Patel, 47, also replaced Javed at the Ministry of the Interior, the daughter of an Indian family and a strong advocate of Breakest. These first appointments confirm what his close associates were about to form a government with more women and politicians from ethnic minorities.

Dominic Rapp has also chosen to take over the British Foreign Office, and is also skeptical of the European project. This position is sensitive in this circumstance, which is also permeated by the crisis of oil tankers with Iran.

Rab resigned last year from the Teresa Mae government as an expression of his rejection of its strategy towards BRICCEST, which he saw as very consensual with the EU. He replaces his successor, Jeremy Hunt, who lost the Conservative leadership race and the premiership against Johnson. Steve Barclay has retained his post as finance minister and will be the focus of European negotiating teams.

Breakst without conditions

In his first address to the British government, Johnson promised to "leave the EU on 31 October unconditionally". He repeated his willingness to come out without agreement, complaining of the "pessimism" of the opponents of BRICCAST who fear the economic repercussions of a sudden exit after decades of partnership in the European project. He stressed that "the British are tired of waiting" about three years after the exit referendum.

A number of faces of the Teresa Mae government had announced their resignation before Johnson took over, including Deputy David Ledington, Finance Minister Philippe Hammond, Justice Minister David Gock and International Development Minister Rory Stewart, expressing their rejection of a possible exit from the EU without agreement.

While others, including Breckest, Defense Minister Benny Murdent and International Trade Minister Liam Fox, were abandoned. Johnson Domenech Cummings, a leading activist in the EU's 2016 exit campaign, was appointed a senior adviser by a source close to his team.

UK Anti-Boris Johnson-Proteste in Russell Square (picture-alliance / dpa / S. Parsons)

Demonstrations against Johnson on the first day of his office.

Johnson Road is not furnished with roses

The first day of Johnson's premiership marked the emergence of some convulsions as a number of activists against climate change blocked his motorcade for less than a minute as he headed to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen. Demonstrators opposed to Brixt began cheering as he read his speech.

Johnson, however, said he was convinced of a "better agreement that would double the chances of BRICEST," but he has yet to announce his strategy. "We are waiting to see what the new prime minister wants," said EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier. "No agreement will never be the option of the European Union, but we are ready," he warned.


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