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Boris Johnson was officially appointed Prime Minister of Britain on Wednesday (24 July 2019). "The Queen received Senator Boris Johnson this afternoon and asked him to form a new government," Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Teresa Mae officially submitted her resignation to Queen Elizabeth II. Mae arrived at Buckingham Palace after earlier urging Johnson to complete Breakst "in a way that benefits the whole of the UK," hinting at the deep divisions that the issue has caused in the country.

New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised voters there would be no "justifications or excuses" for his plan to remove Britain from the EU by October 31, by agreement or without an agreement with the European family.

"We will conclude a new agreement, a better agreement … based on free trade," Johnson told reporters outside the British government's Downing Street headquarters shortly after meeting Queen Elizabeth II to get a new government. "I am confident that we can reach an agreement (on exit from the EU)," he said.

Johnson added that Britain should also "prepare for the far-off possibility that Brussels would refuse to renegotiate" the agreement, which meant Britain would leave the EU without an agreement.

Johnson enters Downing Street amidst the most dangerous situation in Britain's history since the end of the world war, with a split over the EU and a three-year political crisis since the referendum to break out of the bloc.

H / H / A / H (AFP, dpa, Reuters)

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