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Following the announcement of the victory of Boris Johnson, led by the British Conservative Party in succession to Teresa Mae (23 July 2019), the controversial politician was congratulated from all over the world, while European economic circles voiced fears about his intention to complete the BRICEST process even without an agreement with the European Union.

"Congratulations to Boris Johnson for winning the premiership of the UK, it will be great," said Donald Trump, president of the United States. Trump said last Friday: "I've always loved Boris, he's a special person, and they say I am also a special person."He said.

She also congratulated the European Commission Johnson expressed her intention to work with him "in the best way possible." "I look forward to a good working relationship with him," said Ursula von der Leyne Johnson, the organization's next president. "There are many different and difficult issues that need to be addressed together," she said, warning of "challenges ahead"He said.

In turn, congratulated French President Emmanuel Macaron Johnson, expressing hope for constructive cooperation on the future of Europe. "We look forward to working constructively with Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he takes office, in order to facilitate the conclusion of the withdrawal agreement and the completion of the precast,"He said.

Despite the tension between Tehran and London, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif congratulated Johnson on the occasion, warning at the same time of Iran's intention to protect the Gulf in response to remarks by British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt about London's intention to form a naval force to protect navigation in the waters of the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman . "I congratulate my former counterpart (Boris Johnson) who has become the prime minister of Britain," Zarif said in a tweet.

He also congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Boris Johnson, saying: I think Turkish-British relations will see further improvement under his premiership"He said.

Economic concerns

The congratulations to Boris Johnson on his election as the leader of the conservatives, the fears of the European and German economic circles of the consequences of the completion of the process of the bricast even without an agreement, the departure of Britain unorganized from the European Union.

"The threats from London of an unregulated exit from the EU are harmful," said Joachim Lanff, executive director of the Federation of German Industries. "It will have serious repercussions for Britain itself," he said. "This step will maximize the damage that has already occurred in the economy."He said.

For his part, the chairman of the German Foreign Trade Union, Holger Bingman, said the election of the "hardcore and pro-Brixist", Johnson, increases the risk of Britain leaving the union without an agreement, calling on the EU to abide by its decisions, so as not to endanger its credibility.

Locally, Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbin has called for a general election, calling internal conservative elections as not representative of the people's will. "Boris Johnson has received support from fewer than 100,000 members of the Conservative Party," he wrote. "He did not win the support of our country."He said.

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