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Olga Mikheilova, a lawyer for Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalini, said Monday (July 29, 2019) that he was "poisoned" with an "unknown chemical substance". Navalni, who was sentenced to 30 days in jail last week for calling a banned demonstration, was admitted to hospital on Sunday for suffering from "serious allergies," authorities said.

This aroused the concern of his supporters because he had never suffered from similar symptoms, although this happened the day after a demonstration of the opposition in Moscow, which arrested more than 1400 people. After visiting the Moscow hospital, his lawyer told reporters that Navalny had been "poisoned".

For her part, eye doctor Anastasia Vasilyeva, who had treated Navalny in 2017, confirmed that his condition was improving, but noted with concern that he had been re-imprisoned without "fully recovering." "Returning to the place where he received a quantity of unknown chemical without the knowledge (results) of the tests is not a good thing and not a professional," she said. However, the doctor in charge of the hospital to which Navalini was transferred announced that his life was not in danger, refusing to give further information.

When he was taken to the hospital, Navalny suffered especially swelling in the eyelids, with the appearance of boils on the neck, back, chest and elbows. In an independent statement, his doctor explained that she kept a Navalini shirt and samples of his hair for "independent examination" to determine if he had actually been poisoned.

This comes at a time when the authorities are determined to end any protest related to the local elections scheduled for September 8 in the bud. Many opposition figures in Moscow have been prevented from running for the elections.

An unlicensed gathering ended on Saturday with the arrest of 1,400 demonstrators, according to non-governmental organizations. This was the largest number of arrests since the protests in 2012 against the return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin.

The United States and the European Union condemned the arrests and denounced the "disproportionate use of force" against demonstrators. Germany on Monday called on Russia to "quickly release the demonstrators" and also condemned the "disproportionate" use of force by Russian police. On Wednesday, three days before the demonstration, Navalni was imprisoned for violations of "the laws of demonstrations."


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